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Re: Installing Debian 10 Buster With Custom LUKS Options


Thank you for this kind message. I will read again.

Jonas Smedegaard:
> Quoting encrypt10n@riseup.net (2019-10-30 16:09:00)
>> Thank you for your reply. I found many articles about using FDE with 
>> detached header but all of them are saying "disable secure boot 
>> first". Then i did some research on the internet and found this video 
>> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-pvLMHtRSA). This guy is explaining 
>> Debian 10 Buster supports Secure Boot. I have some questions about 
>> this. Can i use detached header key in UEFI systems with Debian 10? 
>> And when i enabled advanced options can i see the Serpent and other 
>> options on LUKS step?
>> P.S: I have no UEFI computer yet and for this reason i have to ask 
>> these, sorry.
> Secure Boot is independent from disk encryption.
> Disable Secure Boot when boot routines do not support it, or disable it 
> always if you don't care about the features that mechanism offers.
> I alreaddy pointed you to the documentation that documents(!) what you 
> _should_ be able to see. I cannot tell what you _can_ see (that depends 
> e.g. on how sleepy you are, which way your head is turning relative to 
> your screen, whether or not your screen is turned on, etc.).
> Good luck!
>  - Jonas

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