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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

On Sun 27 Oct 2019 at 19:41:12 +0100, deloptes wrote:

> Peter Ehlert wrote:
> > I have tried it, several times, but was unable to get Grub properly
> > installed... not able to boot.
> > I too would like such a tool
> Let me know how it works - perhaps someone could put it on the Debian Wiki
> after refinement.

Why "someone"? Why not you?

> regards
> This is a step by step how to to install debian on a USB stick and
> make this stick bootable.  The stick in the example is found under
> /dev/sdb. Change to fit your setup.

[Clear instructions snipped]

The installer can be used to install to a USB stick. What disadvantage
is there in doing that?


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