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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

Brian wrote:

> Why "someone"? Why not you?

Cause I may not have the time to do so, but of course it can be me.

>> regards
>> This is a step by step how to to install debian on a USB stick and
>> make this stick bootable.  The stick in the example is found under
>> /dev/sdb. Change to fit your setup.
> [Clear instructions snipped]
> The installer can be used to install to a USB stick. What disadvantage
> is there in doing that?

There is no disadvantage but perhaps you want to make a copy of your system
to a usb stick or drive, and using debootstrap is IMO a convenient way to
get a default example.

I do not use the installer that often. Following the procedure I can also
copy a pre-configured system from a usb drive/stick to a pc/server.
And the bonus is that I do not have to download all the packages again.


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