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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

I have tried it, several times, but was unable to get Grub properly installed... not able to boot.
I too would like such a tool

On 10/26/19 9:33 AM, Kenneth Parker wrote:

What I want,  is almost there (put a Live Buster DVD on a USB Drive), but I'm hoping for more.

I'd like to format my USB Drive into, at least three Partitions, preferably using msdos Partitioning (so it can Boot from older systems).  The Partitions are Root, Swap and Home.  So far, so good, I've done this before.

What is different this time, is that I'd like to be able to Boot this from different Systems, probing their Network, Sound, Video, Keyboard and Mouse systems on Bootup, but leaving any Local Hard Drives alone.  Existing systems do this, for example, Knoppix, but it's doing a "Mini Install" each time.  I'd like to, only have the Hardware testing, but not the rest of the Install occurring.  Also, this allows me to have Static Data (i.e Logs), saved from System to System. Sort of like a "Super Rescue System".

Are you with me so far?  Have people done this?

Thank you in advance.

Kenneth Parker

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