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Re: What keystroke do you use to select tty[1234] in d-i in KVM virt-install console?

David wrote:
> At the relevant point, I do <ctrl-B>:
> and tmux responds by presenting a colon prompt.
> Then I type literally the following text:
> send-keys M-F4
> and when I press <enter> key, the debian-installer behaves
> exactly the same as if I just pressed the enter key without
> any special tmux actions.

Hi David,

this is the right key combination. I have tried this and I get the same
result as you do. I'm a bit puzzled by this, as similar keystrokes work
well in e.g. the Centos console installer. Sorry for chasing you down
this rabbit hole.

Would the text based installer in a virt-viewer X window be any option
for you? You'd remove the "--graphics none" and "--console …" options
from your virt-install command. The virt-viewer window has the menu
option to send Ctrl-Alt-Fx keys.


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