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Re: What keystroke do you use to select tty[1234] in d-i in KVM virt-install console?

On Tue, 1 Oct 2019 at 22:53, Charles Curley
<charlescurley@charlescurley.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Oct 2019 21:32:52 +1000 David <bouncingcats@gmail.com> wrote:

> > My question is:
> >     What keystroke do I use to switch between tty1 and tty4?
> >
> > I tried alt+F4 but that closes the lxterminal process window on the
> > host. I tried ctrl+alt+F4 but that takes me to tty4 on the host, not
> > in the VM.
> If you are running virt-manager, open the virtual machine in question,
> and hit the "Send Key" menu."

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I installed virt-manager to try it
and I find that it does not work.

In virt-manager, when I select the running VM and click the
"open" button on the toolbar, the response is:
Error connecting to text console: operation failed:
Active console session exists for this domain
That would be the already running console session
in lxterminal where I want to see the installer log information.

My goal is to automate in a VM my testing of various aspects of
debian-installer, such as paritioning, and the setup and teardown
is faster if the test VM has no GUI so I am using console VM.

Doing it in a GUI is nice for recording results and doing multiple
tests or working on other projects at the same time.

If anyone has alternative method suggestions that will
allow access to all consoles in the debian-installer in the
VM, I'd like to hear about that.

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