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Re: What keystroke do you use to select tty[1234] in d-i in KVM virt-install console?

On 2019-10-01 21:32 +1000, David wrote:

> On buster, if I run 'virt-install' with debian-installer with
> preseed arguments including
>     --graphics none
>     --extra-args "auto=true priority=critical console=ttyS0 ..."
> to specify a text console KVM install then it all works nicely.
> The GUI is LXDE, the terminal emulator is lxterminal.
> Here's a screenshot (your viewing is not required, merely optional):
> https://imgur.com/a/WGDdniX
> We see there, the top line of the text console has text like this:
>     (1*installer) 2 shell 3 shell 4- log
> to indicate that tty1 is being shown, and that tty2,tty3,tty4 are
> available.
> tty4 is valuable because it contains log information.
> My question is:
>     What keystroke do I use to switch between tty1 and tty4?
> I tried alt+F4 but that closes the lxterminal process window on the host.
> I tried ctrl+alt+F4 but that takes me to tty4 on the host, not in the VM.

With Alt+Left/Alt+Right you can cycle through the virtual consoles.


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