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Re: What keystroke do you use to select tty[1234] in d-i in KVM virt-install console?

David wrote:
> My goal is to automate in a VM my testing of various aspects of
> debian-installer, such as paritioning, and the setup and teardown
> is faster if the test VM has no GUI so I am using console VM.

The "packer" tool does a decent job at automating this. It exports the
console as a VNC service, but I'm not sure what the support in various
VNC clients is to send key combinations.

Experimenting with VNC (with or without packer) might be worth trying.

> If anyone has alternative method suggestions that will
> allow access to all consoles in the debian-installer in the
> VM, I'd like to hear about that.

If you can start a tmux session inside your LXTerminal, before
connecting to the KVM console, then you could use the send-keys function
in tmux.

The keystrokes are in tmux are "CTRL-B", followed by ":send-keys M-2",
followed by the Enter key, for sending the <Alt>-<2> (Meta-2) key
combination. This assumes that you are the default binding of CTRL-B for
the tmux "prefix" key.

This is fiddly but it works for me. I do this sufficiently infrequently
so the additional typing is not an issue for me. YMMV.

Good luck,

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