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Re: Fwd: alternative Firmware for BMC's

On 2/07/19 7:18 PM, Stefan K wrote:
> Hello,
> a BMC or IPMI interface is a controller which is described here [1]
>> But apparently you can replace BMC's 'firmware' with your own, something
>> that OpenBMC tries to achieve. Main problem is - there are many
>> BMC/ILOM/ILO, and OpenBMC targets a few of them. I'd give my hand for a
>> sensible replacement of Sun's ILOM 'firmware', but I'm not aware of any.
> Yes, but in this post i talk about Supermicro servers/mainboards and I try to find something for Aspeed AST2500 chips, but there is nothing :-(

https://github.com/openbmc/openbmc/tree/master/meta-aspeed ?

Haven't looked more deeply; my Supermicro board is brand new, and I'm
not ready to start messing with it yet :-)


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