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Re: How to have password shown?

On Wed, Jul 03, 2019 at 03:00:24PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> Most people mistype at some time; have you considered why your father
> might be doing it? Logins with convoluted or complex passwords do not
> help, so consider 12345678 or the date of his birthday. I'm tempted to
> say that either would reduce mishaps.

This would basically be my suggestion as well, since you want to get him
in the habit of using a password rather than disabling passwords
entirely.  Just make it a password based on a simple, compact keyboard
pattern, such as 1234 or (assuming a qwerty keyboard) qweasdzxc, so that
he's not moving from one part of the keyboard to another and potentially
making mistakes while doing so.

Dave Sherohman

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