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Re: How to have password shown?

Den 03.07.2019 13:24, skrev Rodolfo Medina:
Hi all...

Is there any a way to have my user-password shown when logging into Debian in
tty console, or also within X system when changing to root?  It is for my old
father...  it'd be easier for him to see what he's typing.  In internet I found
some procedures to have asterisks shown; would it be possible to have a clear
text as well?  Maybe it isn't as I understand...

If the machine is physically secure, I'd find out about automatic login (aka autologin) to X (check the config of your display manager, you might conceivably want to use a different displaymanager) .

For root access, check out man sudoers, the EXAMPLES section will get you started, find out about NOPASSWD.

If the machine is NOT physically secure, think long and hard about what you will do.

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