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Re: How to have password shown?

Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> writes:

> Quoting Rodolfo Medina (2019-07-03 14:42:13)
>> Thanks...  of course it is...  absolutely.  I wanted to have him accustomed
>> with using a password...  only, he still does many errors at keyboard...
> I think I understand the scope of this challenge.
> Would it be sensible for your case to a) use a 3-4 character password 
> coupled with a PAM plugin that checks for the presence of a USB key 
> containing some unique file?
> That would keep the notion of typing a password for logging in, while 
> being simpler to type, sidestepping the lower security by a secondary 
> check which (at leat for some) would not be a too weird addition).

Thanks indeed...  He will do...  making errors in typing a blind password and
re-typing it again and again till it's all right...  ;-)


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