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Re: allocating disk space

David Wright composed on 2019-01-09 14:26 (UTC-0600):

> On Fri 04 Jan 2019 at 19:36:42 (-0500), Felix Miata wrote:

>> Yes, when filling the disk at the outset. With the escalation of disk sizes over the years, it's
>> become more common not to allocate 100% at the outset. In non-ancient memory I only ever fully
>> allocated with my own disks at the outset with data disks, until small SDDs became cheap.

> I don't understand the reasoning.

A Murphy corollary: Junk accumulates according to the amount of space available for it to fill.
Make the space available when you really need it, and it won't be preoccupied with junk.

>> Note the relative vastness of unused space.

> You're not the guy who boots >>100 systems off one disk, are you?

The one I remember was long ago, not 100 I think, but more than 50, likely before libata
introduction's 15 partition limit. I recently looked for his page but failed to find.

>> BTW, 36 is near an average count here. I have one with 57, more than one with >40, and
>> probably 8 with >30. My newest PC has 50, though spread across 3 disks, with 20
>> comprising 10 RAID1 devices, and zero freespace remaining for partition creation.

> Oh, perhaps you're a rival. :) I assume you foresee adding a lot more
> versions of linux; only three Debian so far? And I would miss a real
> DOS like the old favourite 6.22.

Except for Etch, I was only using Kubuntu's miscreant Debians until Jessie. All my 6.22s got
replaced with PC DOS 2000 as soon as impending Y2K caused its availability. DOS 5 remains available
under cover of OS/2's eComStation progeny (which here runs 24/7).

> ... if I get my hands on an old newer machine (or is that new older?).

I get those more often than new-in-original-box, more often broken, which I am often able to
resurrect. Maybe call them nacqres, for newly acquired resurrection/recycle/refurb. :-)
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