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Re: Upgrade Problem

On 1/3/19 7:09 PM, Patrick Bartek wrote:

> I see from a later response that your / partition is 100% full.  That
> will defintely cause problems.  Whether it's THE problem, we won't know
> until you clean out / to less than 100%, say at least 90%. Less would
> be better.
> I don't know why your / is 100% full.  I'm running Stretch and my
> 20GB / is only at 31%, and /var. /tmp, /usr are not separate
> partitons. Even on my Wheezy install which I ran for 5 years, /
> never was higher than 50% full and it was only a 16GB partition.
> B

My guess? /home is on the same partition as /, which is a common setup
for most end users. Running lsblk is one way to tell if this is the case.

I will echo what others have said. Free up some disk space, then try again.


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