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Re: Why choose Debian on server

On Wed, 02 Jan 2019 19:41:41 +0100
deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:

> Joe wrote:
> > Indeed. I'm currently working on getting Debian onto a small Acer
> > laptop, which is not trivial. I've run it on a netbook for several
> > years. But laptops and servers are solutions to different problems,
> > and don't generally need the same hardware and software. I wouldn't
> > run Gimp on a server, nor a RADIUS server on a laptop.  
> before start using the Fujitsu PC I used the same on a Dell E5440, I
> just took the hard drive and put it into the Fujitsu PC. It started
> without a problem.
> The server is just a more powerful PC and the PC from today is the
> server from 10y ago.

Can be, if you are using multiple VMs, or terminal server software or
the like, or running a popular public-facing Internet server. A
general-purpose private server usually doesn't need to have the power
that a graphical workstation needs. Only Windows needs enormous
resources in a server. My current server is a cute little HP
Microserver, not especially fast and with 2GB RAM. Windows SBS2008
needed 8GB just to wake up, and that was aimed at *small* businesses.

> I don't see a problem running Gimp on a server or RADIUS on a
> laptop ... well, depends on the laptop and radius configuration.
I didn't say there would be problems, just that there would not
normally be a need. The overlap between my workstation's software and
that of my server is fairly small, largely because the server doesn't
have a GUI, and most of my workstation software is graphical.

That's another point in favour of Debian for servers, there is no
assumption that a GUI will be used. I believe RH uses graphical admin
software, as of course does Windows.


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