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Re: Recommended debootsrap tutorials

On Fri 14 Dec 2018 at 10:47:09 -0600, David Wright wrote:

> On Fri 14 Dec 2018 at 14:42:53 (+0000), Tixy wrote:


> > Of course, this may not meet the functional requirements, but the OP
> > hasn't specified any of those, just that they system be 'minimalist'.
> … which ensures that there's no "right answer" because the OP doesn't
> specify for what purpose this bare minimum is intended, except their
> own personal satisfaction.

I agree there is no "right answer" and that the purpose for taking the
steps one does is of importance. However, the OP did say in his first
mail in this thread

 > ...my interest was focused on finding out just how small a useful
 > Debian system could be,...

There is probably no correct answer to what "useful" means either.
However, I would say it is a reasonable objective if approached in a
spirit of exploration.

He goes on to say

 > I wish to understand debootstrap.

and I thought my well-intentioned previous post would push him towards
a little experimentation and appreciation of the differences between my
minimal and his minimal. For unexplained reasons on his part, it was
not to be. There were enough hooks in the post to latch on to.

He also said

 > Target will be another partition on my current machine.
 > I will use the same release and architecture of the current machine.

That's particulary easy. Appendix D.3 in the installer manual holds your

> The OP's mantra is "If retirement isn't for learning, what use is it?"
> and this learning requires copious feeding with lists of "tutorials"
> suggested by people here. Even the source code doesn't fit their
> criteria. I haven't yet figured out why their learning doesn't include
> the compilation process itself.
> Literature searches are a necessary part of any research that has to
> be learnt. Unfortunately, many students these days, from bachelor to
> doctorate levels, think that all it entails is a spot of googling for
> web links.

As a general comment, that last remark is unfortunately probably true
of some students. "Gimme the answer." "I'll do it my way." "That's only
*your* opinion."


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