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Re: Recommended debootsrap tutorials

On 12/12/2018 12:47 PM, songbird wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:

My interest has been rekindled. I wish to understand debootstrap. To
that end I do a minimalist bootable Debian installation.

   have you looked at the source code ?



   it is written in sh.  which isn't too obscure a language...

Having assumed [erroneously] that it was written in a compiled language, I hadn't looked for source.
As to obscurity/opaqueness of sh. *It ain't* ;/
Especially to one introduced [in early 60's] to programming via CORC/CUPL {predecessor *NOT* precursor of Dartmouth BASIC}.

That code is not an answer to my stated question. But it demonstrates that some personal goals are feasible.

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