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Re: Recommended debootsrap tutorials

On 12/13/2018 01:51 PM, deloptes wrote:

So why not install minimal debian and try removing what you won't need.
I get around 100MBs to be able to do something useful with it.
There is i.e. Slax (with minimal TDE inkl. GUI) and is about 350MB image.
You can boot your PC and do something useful.

So what is the goal of your exercise? Personal?

You might say personal exercise of the cerebral variety.

As I've said:

As some of my interest was focused on finding out just how small a useful Debian system could be, I was pointed towards debootstrap. > I didn't have needed background at that time.> ...> My interest has
been rekindled. I wish to understand debootstrap.
To that end I do a minimalist bootable Debian installation.

Debootstrap is powerful. It can be used:
1. in any Linux
2. to install any Debian release
3. to install to any architecture
Notice a repeated 3-letter word ;}

The "tutorials" I found tried to be all things to all people.
Notice a repeated 3-letter word ;}

Think of my "problem" as an end of course lab practical which might be phrased as:
    Using you current machine with any Debian debian release installed
    and access to a suitable repository, use dedbootstrap to do a
    minimalist [1] bootable install to another partition.

[1] https://www.thefreedictionary.com/minimalist

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