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Re: Debian on Phone as webserver

Marek Mosiewicz wrote:

>> - Do you have access to reverse DNS
> There is no reverse DNS set. Actually I have no experience with reverse
> DNS. How it is set if there is many web virtual hosts on same machine.
>> - How much you pay per month
> I pay about $30 a year for mail hosting. $15 monthly for VPS and $10
> and $15 monthly for LTE

did you know that you can use your phone as a modem (via USB or Bluetooth)?
I don't know how or what you can configure to make it work on android, but
there are sure howtos.
Androids and others now have also the tethering fefature.

So one Raspberry behind your phone would work in theory perfectly well.

You wouldn't need a phone, but just the LTE module on top of Raspberry,
which is what I would do:



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