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I think I must be getting elderly
I have a debian buster PC that works as a print server. I can send files to it from windows and I can print from it by typing
"lpr filename"
I think I set it up with the cups web interface.

I have another debian buster PC that I sometimes fiddle about on and I'd like to type on that.
"lpr filename"
I don't want the cups sever on it just to print.

I typed
"lpadmin -U mick -h -d HP_LaserJet_4000_series"
hoping it might do something but says
"Unable to connect to server: No such file or directory"

I attempted to use the GUI from the desktop System/Print Settings where I hoped I could put in sensible values but it says it is locked and ask for authentication.
I put in the root password but it won't do anything
why might that be then ?


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