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Re: Debian on Phone as webserver

On 2018-12-13 17:31, Marek Mosiewicz wrote:
I'm just about having static IP for my LTE connection.

That brings me to some idea. What about having install Debian on ARM
old phone to have it as web server. They have quite modern hardware and
this is of course depending on web application, but I suspect that
ordinary PHP website could be served quite easily.

It can be connected to web as LTE or be bounded to router location via
WiFi or USB cable (that is for sure can be done)

Battery means that it can monitor easily possible shutdown of system.

Are there any experiences with installing Debian on phones ?

Hello Marek,

Interesting, thanks for the feedback.

- In which country you are ?
- Is the static IP address is IPv4 or IPv6 ?
- Are the ports 25 and 587 are open, or there are restrictions?
- Do you have access to reverse DNS
- How much you pay per month

Thanks for your answer.

Kind regards,


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