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Re: Low-Cost Tablet PC suitable for Debian

On 12/12/18, Hans <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> For the problem with dust, a toughbook might be the best solution, but it is
> expensive and heavy.
> I believe, most users think, that a tablet is the same as a personal
> computer
> or a notebook - it is NOT! Fully other architectture (i.e. ARM processor,
> graphics chip)  and so on.
> Back tio the dusty problem: Every hardware with coolers and moving parts are
> bad choices. Dust will scratch the surface! (A foil will inhibit it).
> Keyboard? Use a water proof keyboard.
> However, I still believe, a netbook is the best choice, as a keyboard is
> easy
> to exchange.
> - Dust in the netbook can be avoided, by self improved filters.
> - Everything can easily be exchanged, when it is really defctive.
> - You have a real harddrive (mine is a standard SSD)
>   and you do not loose data, when the mainboard dies.
> - It is fully suppoirted by debian and even Windows
> - Powersupply is exchangable!
> - system can be upgraded (more memory. bigger harddrive)
> - fully standrized ports (usb, vga, IEEE, network)
> - wlan card with "special" options (monitor mode)
> - low price
> - good to handle (typing on a mechanical keyboard)

I hit "Reply" thinking I'd offer the bright idea of an option that
would be archaic dust cover "skins" that cover the whole PC-type
computer. Totally forgot about the *gets hot and so would overheat
without proper airflow* running parts part. Memory now is about
putting those on after the computer was shut down at night..

So... what about a simple, square homemade wood framed screen
contraction that would capture *some* of the dust?  Making one that
was two-layered would *hopefully* *theoretically* *potentially* catch
more dust, etc., as the catchables bounce around between the layers.

Presumably a simple screened box would be light enough to lift off as
needed, e.g. to hit the power off button. Simple hinge plus
hook-and-eye operated trap doors could be added if the computer was
situated on a shelf that makes it inconvenient to lift a box off

The waterproof keyboard option would help for the part outside the
box. Never thought about similar for the mouse, but they sure do
collect their share of gunk inside, too.

Just offering as a potential temporary solution until something
perfect comes along.

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with birdseed *

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