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Re: Low-Cost Tablet PC suitable for Debian

Am Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2018, 11:39:39 CET schrieb Michelle Konzack:
Must it be a tablet? Same size are netbooks (like my EEEPC), with complete 
support of debian, a real keyboard and a light weight.

Do not expect a tablet running debian as fast as Android, as Android is very 
special software with very, very special code for the hardware.

Lots of functions are done by the hardware itself (I mean, the computing does 
the hardware itself) and not down by Android, where in debian this is all 

Tablets are just gadgets (IMHO) and not be usable for real work. However, if 
your work is "surfing, mailing, WhatsApp and playing multimedia", then tablets 
are fine. If you need more, IMHO a netbook is more senseful.

Just my opinion.....


> Hello *,
> I am searching for my farm works an inexpensive (In the summer
> it is so dusty here, that nothing realy survive, including my
> ThinkPad T400 from which I have bought 6 pieces and currently
> using the 3rd one) TabletPC 10-12".
> However, all 10" TabletPC I have found on AlibabaExpress are nice,
> They have this stupd MTK CPUs on which I can not install Debian.
> Does anyone know a TabletPC with 10-12" Size, Wifi, GSM/3G and
> on which I can install Debian from DVD or external TF Card?
> Note:  Of course I could use Android and then my self programmed
>        Web-Apps, but then the Wifi is the limiting factor and my
>        measuring devices are not working as expected with Android,
>        because I can not transfer the data from the Android-Apps
>        into my Web-Apps...  :-/
>        Another thing is, that ALL Android VERSIONS are calling
>        home and transfering unknown data... which is inacceptable!
>        Also my prefered Programs do not exist in suitable
>        conditions on Android.
> Thanks in advance
> Michelle

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