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Re: blu-ray recommendations?

Curt wrote:

> Here's a decade-old (and a little more) opinion from UNESCO (?) about
> the matter (although they completely ignore the critical 'shape'
> parameter mentioned by TS):
> While recordable optical discs are viable tools in the access to and
> dissemination of digital information of all kinds, it is strongly
> recommended that professional data storage methods, as developed by the IT
> industry, should be used. All digital carriers are to some extent
> unreliable, however, data tape and hard disc systems are made reliable
> because technological testing, copying and management systems are
> implemented to support the data carrier and the quality of its content,
> maintain and manage the integrity of the data. These systems are feasible
> for storing critical data even under climatically and financially
> sub-optimal conditions. No viable automatic testing and management system
> exists to make optical disc reliable, and consequently any archival use of
> optical systems must depend on a manual approach using people and testing
> equipment as described in this publication.
> http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001477/147782E.pdf

thanks - sound unison with my thoughts

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