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help to migrate to git to upgrade packaging abcm2ps


abcm2ps package does not have any Debian VCS regarding: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/abcm2ps
But there is since few years an active upstream on github.
Here are the steps that I tried:

gbp import-dsc apt:abcm2ps/sid
cd abcm2ps
rm * # note that debian/ will not be remove
git pull origin v8.14.1 -Xtheirs --allow-unrelated-histories

I hope it is clear what I would like to obtain as an output of the previous steps: getting an adequate file set in sync with the v8.14.1 but keeping the debian/ directory from the Debian packaging from Sid. Also I would like also to be as generic as possible. For instance I do not known if it exists a git facility to retrieve the greatest version tag 'automagically' without using a previous step (to set a $-variable) or any $() _expression_.

But then I still have some differences with a fresh clone using tag v8.14.1:

Common subdirectories: abcm2ps/.git and debian/abcm2ps/.git
Only in debian/abcm2ps/: debian
Only in abcm2ps/: flute.fmt
Only in abcm2ps/: landscape.fmt
Only in abcm2ps/: musicfont.fmt
Only in abcm2ps/: newfeatures.abc
Only in abcm2ps/: sample.abc
Only in abcm2ps/: sample2.abc
Only in abcm2ps/: sample3.eps
Only in abcm2ps/: voices.abc

Why some files are missing?
I tried to find a tutorial but no clue yet.


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