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Re: blu-ray recommendations?


Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> I am mid-way through importing all my old CD-Rs and DVD-Rs,
> and finding plenty of unreadable or partially damaged discs in the
> process.

I am interested in exploring the kind and severeness of the damage.
How old is the reader drive ? Do you have a second one in reach for
GNU/Linux ?

> If I were to consider optical discs again, I would need a bullet-proof
> regime that ensured that written discs were regularly read-checked to
> catch degradation. This feels like it would be a lot of work.

To my experience, degradation of once verified media is rare, even long
after they have been written. More probable is drive degradation.
(With re-usable media stored for a long time, there is an increased
 probability that they fail to take new data. But that's a different

Have a nice day :)


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