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How do I report a bug to Debian? ... as ReportBug has bugs.


The URL for the Debian Bug project apparently isn't working or has changed.  I've found two links that are not working.  The first one is here in ReportBug, where the blue link for "Homepage of reportbug project" is broken.  (The yellow tool tip shows the bad URL being tried).

Here is the version info for reportbug as reported in synaptic package manager:

Also in synaptic, the link to "Visit Homepage" is also not working here:

I searched for a replacement link and found this page *https://wiki.debian.org/reportbug*, but unfortunately it says,

   "*Note*: this page is not maintained by reportbug maintainers, so
   the information in here might be outdated or no longer correct."


Searched again and found this page: *https://packages.debian.org/stable/utils/reportbug*


*SO, *I previously tonight spent an hour and submitted a bug, only to have it vanish in this bugreport tool.  I clicked the save.  It gave me a new dialog box, for what I still don't know. I put my home path into it.  And clicked ok or whatever, and it was gone.

Some days are like this...

Hope you can help. Thanks.

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