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Re: blu-ray recommendations?

tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:

> Most probably, yes. But I wouldn't know where to begin to compare the
> ecological footprint of a (small) semiconductor chip (or two?) plus
> bonding, packaging and connector with that of one big polycarbonate
> disk (plus some magic dyes) plus the amortized cost for a drive.
> My hunch is that those chips are fairly expensive, ecologically, but
> where's the tipping point?

Last week I looked at about 20 CDs and few DVDs with backups from
2000-2004 - perhaps 1/2 of them had errors. I had also some USB sticks from
that time, that do not work, but most of them still do or CF cards and
similar, I use for 10y+ without issue. I tend to store on CF or SSD
recently - feel better, but I was asking, because I think someone would
have argument for/against.

The ecological footprint is neglectable in the contest and we do not want to
argue ... when people pay 1500+ US$ for a new iphone every 3y avg, I guess
I could spent couple of bugs for a good CF or SSD, which I would keep for


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