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Re: blu-ray recommendations?

On Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 09:18:07AM -0500, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > My hunch is that those chips are fairly expensive, ecologically, but
> > where's the tipping point?
> I remember reading somewhere that back around the turn of the century
> a laptop's RAM chips needed about the same energy to produce as the
> laptop's energy consumption during its lifetime.

"Energy"? Or "environmental externalities confounded?" Energy prices
do vary around the world, but not by a huge factor it seems: witness
the Bitcoin "factories" looking for places with cheap energy access,
as energy costs take a significant part of total costs), while
foundries don't seem to follow that pattern. OTOH other ecological
externalities do vary *a lot* -- rare earth metals being a sobering

>                                                 And AFAIK there are
> precious few studies trying to measure such things, so who knows whee
> things stand now.

Yes, more transparency here would be something, wouldn't it?

> I think it's fair to assume that chips are very expensive ecologically,
> indeed, and optical disks are likely much cheaper in this regard.
> But the same amount of chips as a blu-ray drive probably gives you
> a multi-TB HDD, so the tipping point probably requires use of more
> than a hundred blu-ray disks.

My feeling too...

-- t

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