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Re: blu-ray recommendations?

On 2018-12-03, deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:
> The ecological footprint is neglectable in the contest and we do not want to
> argue ... when people pay 1500+ US$ for a new iphone every 3y avg, I guess
> I could spent couple of bugs for a good CF or SSD, which I would keep for
> 10y.

As everyone was responding "à côté" I was going to say that the blu-rays
were aerodynamically superior to the other two media you mentioned (clear
"shape" advantage), which proves useful in case of backup failure when
flinging them out the window (they sail quite beautifully).

Of course, in corner-case weather conditions (twisters, hurricanes, etc)
results can be unpredictable.


> regards

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like a slightly drunk man who is very melancholy, who has no illusions about
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