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Re: how to backup to an encrypted usb drive?

On 11/14/18 7:01 AM, Lee wrote:
What are you using to backup your files

I use tar(1), gzip(1), rsync(1), find(1), mv(1), ccrypt(1), md5sum(1), sha256sum(1), touch(1), and xorriso(1), for backups and archives.

I use dd(1) for images.

I have automated many chores with bash(1) and perl(1) scripts.

to an encrypted usb drive?

I use cryptsetup(8) to encrypt my drives and partitions.

This is my first try at moving off windows, so it'd be best to assume
I know almost nothing about linux admin stuff.

Get a desktop computer that you can dedicate to Linux. (Installing and running Linux on a laptop is harder.) Do the simplest installation you can per the Debian Installation Guide:


Type copious notes into a text file on the Windows computer and take photographs of screens as you go.

Get "Learning the Unix Operating System":


Find other Linux people to meet with -- Linux user groups, computer clubs, friends, whatever.

When you are ready, get "UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook":


What I've been using on windows is truecrypt to encrypt the drive and
1) unison + gui frontend to do a quick backup of selected files & 2) a
bat file that calls xcopy to copy files with the archive flag set to
YYMMDD/ on an encrypted drive (ie. an incremental backup; I do a full backup every few months)

Windows Backup & Restore is the canonical tool for backing up and restoring Windows machines. However, I do not encrypt the backup drive, as I have not researched how to encrypt the backup drive in such a way that it can be used in most or all recovery scenarios.


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