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Re: how to backup to an encrypted usb drive?

On 11/14/18, Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au> wrote:
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> Hi,
> On 15/11/18 2:01 am, Lee wrote:
>> What are you using to backup your files to an encrypted usb drive?
> In an ideal world:
  <.. snip good suggestions ..>
> 3. Encrypt with LUKS (full disk encryption) where you can, the entire
> device, partition only if you need to.

That's what I want to do next.  But I want to save a few files first &
figured now was the time to figure out how I want to backup my data.
I'm not terribly concerned with backing up everything since most
things I can just re-install.

> Actual backup, there are so many options.
> Have multiple USB drives of same size, update drive 1 to drive 2 using
> rsync -- then next drive 2 to drive 3.

I'm missing something.  Why not hard drive => usb1, then usb2, then usb3?
Or this is based on using rsnapshot & keeping hourly/daily/etc.
backups consistent on all the drives?

> Use rsnapshot for the backups with hourly, daily, weekly ... and more
> if needed, snapshots.

That looks interesting.  Thanks for the pointer

> Save encrypted backups to off-site storage or at least keep one
> encrypted backup off site at all times -- hence why at least 3 drives.

yes :)


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