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Re: Reverting firefox-esr upgrade in Buster

On 11/8/18, local10 <local10@tutanota.com> wrote:
> Nov 8, 2018, 4:43 AM by brad@fineby.me.uk:
>> I'm no fan of the move to WE myself, despite the security issues
>> claimed(1) to exist with XUL. It's one of the reasons I use Pale Moon.
> I was looking into PaleMoon/Basilisk/Waterfox myself but decided not to
> proceed at the time as they are not in the Debian repository.
>> Just be aware that v52 (in testing) isn't going to get security updates,
>> and that can be hazardous.  Also, some site no longer work in v52 -
>> anything video related is at risk as more sites move to playback
>> technology that v52 can't do.
> The majority of security issues are related to Javascript use and with
> Noscript installed this attack vector should be reduced somewhat as I only
> enable Javascript for a few websites. Am still deciding what to do though,
> just wanted to see how easy it would be to go back to 52.9.

I got... *sigh*... hacked/cracked two weekends ago. "That other
operating system" that has been running as my dialup modem via a
networked laptop. Could have come from outside the country, but I'm
leaning toward +1 more that it has roots right outside my front door.

Whatever. It became a "S'all good" situation because I'm all #Linux
now with Puppy Linux serving fabulously as the dialup modem handler
(ttySHSF0 56k hsfmodem with that being a head nod to an older thread).

ANYWAY, IN THE PROCESS of going through that, my bank account no
longer is fully accessible. I did a Hail Mary the other day by trying
Links/2, w3m, elinks, yada, on Debian Buster because that very topic
had once been mentioned here on Debian-User.

I like them... Posted some Twitter and a little bit of other test
websurfing with elinks. Discovered that Gmail has a mobile I've never
been offered. Turned into one of those "Hey, this is really cool"

But... bank account STILL does not work...

It yelled javascript was not enabled and basically *almost* KICKED me
out IMMEDIATELY because it wasn't available.

Which led to me sitting here thinking... I THOUGHT javascript was
security issue prone to the point folks are trying to wipe it from the
Net. So WHY is a bank so dependent on it that my bank's website almost
seemed to freak that javascript wasn't available???

While seeking tips on how to possibly enable javascript for elinks et
al(l) to assuage said banking website's apparent trauma, I tripped
over a mention of banks specifically being where users are having
significant problems. CHECK and/but yet again: WHY?!

That's about the end of my tale outside of serious head scratching.
Well, that and that more (hopefully temporarily unsuccessful) Hail
Mary efforts led to finding libjs-extjs, libjs-json, and a couple
others that I've forgotten and can't find now via "apt-cache search".

Those didn't immediately help, but I think that was a time constraint
issue that caused me to not cognitively grasp how to implement them.
It looks like there may be a need for rebuilding before one or more
are actually integrated into elinks and family....

OR not... It's a front burner deal to try new how-to tutorial searches
again. It really was neat using those terminal browsers. It's REALLY
nice to have multiple functioning options available at all times for
getting what we need from the Internet..

PS I don't know if javascript plays any into Twitter's functionality,
but I'm seeing features that weren't available a few days ago, mostly
"Trending". They appeared after recent reboots following initial
installation of libjs-extjs and related. Could be related but could
also just be coincidence.

Nope, not comfortable with any of it, but am under pressure to get
some heavy duty stuff done FAST. Had to make a *_CHOICE_* under
extreme duress. That "duress" just ticked up a couple notches as of
two hours ago.

This choice wasn't near as much fun as picking between entire
operating systems. The libjs-extjs/libjs-json experience appears to
have potential to cause problems if newbies don't know how to
*consciously* keep it in check.. which I, for one, don't yet because I
haven't stumbled upon just the right cognitively friendly tutorial...
yet. :)

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* Waving @ City of Jasper Admin for helping set up auto-debit so I
don't have to-o-o-o! *

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