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Re: Reverting firefox-esr upgrade in Buster

Nov 8, 2018, 2:55 AM by brad@fineby.me.uk:

> Why?  Apart from the move from XUL to WE extensions, going back is
> simply asking for trouble security-wise.  Also, more and more sites will
> stop working correctly as v52 gets more out of date.
> That said, to wind back, you set up a new repo as per this page:
> https://snapshot.debian.org <https://snapshot.debian.org/>

Some plugins disappeared, some no longer work the way they did (meaning they now work worse), NoScript freaked me out when I saw what happened to it. And in general, with each new release FF seems to be getting worse and worse: more dumbed down while at the same time being bloated with "features" like tracking, telemetry, promotions, social, etc.

Anyway, thanks for the link.

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