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Re: Reverting firefox-esr upgrade in Buster

On Thu, 8 Nov 2018 10:15:28 +0100 (CET)
local10 <local10@tutanota.com> wrote:

Hello local10,

>Some plugins disappeared, some no longer work the way they did (meaning
>they now work worse), NoScript freaked me out when I saw what happened

That's because of the change from XUL to WE.  Some of your extensions
will have suitable replacements.  Sadly, not all.  Mostly, anything that
modified the FF UI will have no replacement.  In fact, if you look at
the plugins page, you should see a section marked "Legacy Extensions".
Look there, and an offer to find replacements is available to you.  Like
I said, not everything will have anything suitable to work in its stead.

I'm no fan of the move to WE myself, despite the security issues
claimed(1) to exist with XUL. It's one of the reasons I use Pale Moon.

>Anyway, thanks for the link.

No problem.

Just be aware that v52 (in testing) isn't going to get security updates,
and that can be hazardous.  Also, some site no longer work in v52 -
anything video related is at risk as more sites move to playback
technology that v52 can't do.

(1) I say 'claimed' because it's based on limited reading of one,
probably biased, source.

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