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Re: Reverting firefox-esr upgrade in Buster

Cindy-Sue Causey: 
> But... bank account STILL does not work...
> It yelled javascript was not enabled and basically *almost* KICKED me
> out IMMEDIATELY because it wasn't available.
> Which led to me sitting here thinking... I THOUGHT javascript was
> security issue prone to the point folks are trying to wipe it from the
> Net. So WHY is a bank so dependent on it that my bank's website almost
> seemed to freak that javascript wasn't available???

Oh, that's easy.

People at corporations care about:
    - making money
    - keeping money
    - reducing the amount of money they spend in order to do the
      first two

(Most) banks are corporations.

It turns out that the web is much much cheaper than a bank clerk
per unit of work that each does. So web solutions replace

It also turns out that most of the people who run banks don't
know much about computers or software or the web... but they all
believe that they are expert users. And as a consequence, they
don't care one whit about actual security.

So they'll pay extra to get logos and certificates and big green
bars on browsers, but animations and smooth flows win over
debuggable code every single time.

Remember, every security bug is also a bug.


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