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Re: where does fvwm get its xterm icon?

On Sat 22 Sep 2018 at 07:55:12 (+0200), Nicolas George wrote:
> David Wright (2018-09-21):
> > That sounds like a different problem: a race between fvwm and the
> > xterms over which order they start in. The manner in which the race
> > affects me is that my (open) xterms get mapped all over the place
> > instead of where I want them placed. The fix is simple except that
> > the package required never made it past squeeze, so you'd need to
> > visit the archives, specifically:
> The real fix is even simpler: start your X11 clients from Fvwm's
> InitFunction, not from .xinitrc.

(Actually .xsession here.) That may well be, and it does work to get
the xterms placed on the correct positions, but it also has downsides
which I can avoid while xtoolwait continues to work (even with its

1) The xterms' arguments, and (for some of them) the commands they run,
   are computed in the shell script that is ~/.xsession. While some of
   these might be simple to perform in fvwm-ese, not all of them are,
   and I'm not particularly well versed in fvwm-ese. I'm reasonably
   competent in bash dialect shell-ese however.

2) I get a log of all the .xsession operations in .xsession-errors,
   whereas the logging done by fvwm is almost all generated by the
   Echo commands I inserted.

3) There's still a race between the xterms when started from InitFunction.
   Although their placements are correct, they are mapped at their
   locations in a random order instead of deterministically. This
   randomises the PIDs and PTSs of their shells, which is less
   convenient for seeing who's running what at a glance.


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