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Re: where does fvwm get its xterm icon?

As you seem to be having trouble, here's a fuller answer than the one
I posted before.

On Mon 17 Sep 2018 at 12:05:35 (+0000), Kleene, Steven (kleenesj) wrote:
> I can't figure out where fvwm is getting the xpm icon for an xterm.  The
> issue started when I upgraded from Debian v7 (fvwm 1:2.5.30) to Debian v9
> (fvwm 1:2.6.7-3).  In both cases fvwm-icons was also installed.

>From /usr/share/pixmaps/.

> I have this in ~/.fvwm/config:
> Style "XTerm"       Icon null.xpm, SloppyFocus, IconBox 200x200-1+8
> where null.xpm is intended to call /usr/share/pixmaps/fvwm/null.xpm, a
> zero-byte file I created.

Then you need to have

Style xterm Icon fvwm/null.xpm

or it won't be found in that subdirectory.

That said, I would put the Icon in a directory like
/usr/local/share/fvwm/ or /home/david/.fvwm/null.xpm rather than
polluting the package's own files.

Again, that said, a zero-length file doesn't work for me on stretch.
I haven't tried jessie or wheezy.

> When startx is called, it gets this from ~/.xinitrc:

I use .xsession …

> xterm -geometry 125x58+964+56 -iconic -title syrano -e ssh syrano &

… and I don't use -iconic so that's untested here.

> No matter what I list in config, the xterm icon that comes up matches
> /usr/share/pixmaps/mini.xterm_48x48.xpm (an icon with a blue `T' over a red
> `X').  If I copy some other xpm on top of that and do startx again, I still
> get the original mini.xterm_48x48.xpm image.  Furthermore,
> /usr/share/pixmaps/mini.xterm_48x48.xpm still shows an access time from weeks
> ago. It seems that fvwm has that image cached or built in somehow.

That does seem likely. If you look at the man page, it explains the
old option -n and says "If no suitable icon is found, xterm provides a
compiled-in pixmap" which would correspond to your reported behaviour
as it can't find /usr/share/pixmaps/fvwm/null.xpm.

> Once
> fvwm is up, if I call "xterm &" and convert that to an icon, it appears as a
> live window screenshot, not as mini.xterm_48x48.xpm.

That's because at this point I assume you hadn't added

Style xterm IconOverride

to prevent it. As I wrote before, iconification is quite complex,
even before you add in fvwm's options.

> In Debian 7, calling null.xpm gives me no xpm icon, just a title bar labeled
> "syrano".  I prefer this because it's very small.

If you just want a small icon, why not just shrink it; say:

$ convert /usr/share/pixmaps/…whatever….xpm -resize 48x24 .fvwm/small.xpm

Even a 1x1 icon makes a (not very useful) mark on the screen (until you
hover over it).


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