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Re: A tutorial for MySql installation

Am 02. Aug, 2018 schwätzte Richard Owlett so:

At the end you say this is for WordPress, that pre-answers some of the
questions I was going to bring up :).

Unless you have specialized needs it doesn't matter which of the MySQL
forks you use. WordPress only uses general MySQL functionality, so use
whatever's in the repo.

For debian there's now default-mysql-server which is a metapackage picking
up MariaDB.

The debian package will give you a sane install with MariaDB listening on
a socket and on localhost port 3306.

By default you can connect from a root shell by just typing "mysql".

Debian has some convenience stuff for upgrades and that moved from using
"debian-sys-maint˝ to using "root".

Read /usr/share/doc/mariadb-server-10.1/README.Debian.gz

You shouldn't need to become a database expert to setup a CMS. We can use
more database experts, so if that's your goal, then please do read all the
database docs :).

I did not realize that WordPress is packaged.

The wordpress package provides a convenience script for setting it up.

See /usr/share/doc/wordpress/README.Debian.gz

I just installed stretch and the following was setup with no questions to

# check listening port to make sure something is on MySQL's port, 3306
# the -p option requires running as root
# ss -tlnp | grep 3306
LISTEN     0      80                     *:*

# check the listed process id, make sure it's mysqld
# ps auxw | grep 7326 | grep -v grep
mysql     7326  0.0  0.4 686096 70444 ?        Ssl  18:49   0:00

# check which package provided mysqld
# dpkg -S /usr/sbin/mysqld mariadb-server-core-10.1: /usr/sbin/mysqld

Back to finding out why communication packets are misbehaving...



On 08/02/2018 11:21 AM, Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 10:01 AM Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:

I went to the MariaDB homepage and followed links to

You should instead be installing it from the usual debian-hosted

You're preaching to the choir. I've already mentioned 3 times that I want what is in the repository ;}

unless you have a known need for a specific release. The
usual repos normally have multiple releases of MariaDB/MySQL on them.

It tries to be too many things for too many people

MariaDB/MySQL are today DBMS's of commercial depth and quality.

I was referring to the specific web page mentioned.

wasn't always the case. One whole lot of Earth's commerce is riding on
them today. They are inherently complex and learning them takes time
and some background perhaps. Maybe Apache CouchDB would be better for
your purposes unless you expect scads of data.

I already listed a specific requirement. It is a prerequisite of WordPress.

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