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Re: Surprises during upgrade using Synaptic

On Thu 02 Aug 2018 at 08:03:32 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

> For the first time I did a system upgrade against the online repository.
> In the past, due to local conditions, my upgrades were by doing a fresh
> install from purchased  DVD sets of latest point release.

You have now moved into an arena that the vast majority Debian users of                                               
have occupied for many, many years. Are you seeking special attention
for issues which have been discussed numerous times in the past and for
which -user archives will provide you with an answer?
> I was greeted by list of locales to added or upgraded. Not seeing any
> possible harm I allowed it. I then got a screen asking to accept my current
> locale. If it already knew my locale, why didn't just initially ask if I
> wanted my current locale updated?

Apparently you are. My locale is GB.UTF-8. UTF makes me very happy. So
does GB. Your locale is something similar. You have no need of any other
locales. Just go with the flow.

> I was then greeted with choices to update several subsystems. I rather
> blindly accepted the recommendations. The explanations display seemed safe -
> would they be of use or just add bloat?

You are either going to upgrade or not. Bloat doesn't come into it. The
packages to upgrade were useful to you before - why shouldn't they be
useful afterwards?

Your mail says - I upgraded Debian; it was completely successful.

> I found Synaptic's Help - un-helpful (didn't give enough info on what was
> happening). Is there a web page aimed at a beginner/intermediate user to
> understand what is happening?

Understanding what is happening begins in the brain. Has it been given
an upgrade recently?


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