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Re: Audio - Dummy Output, except for root

Kent West wrote:

> When I run "aplay -L | grep default", for root I get:
> default:CARD=PCH
> sysdefault:CARD=PCH
> For a normal user I get:
> default
> sysdefault:CARD=PCH

on my stretch box I run

aplay -L | grep default

so it does not seem to be user/root issue

I have audio

you shouldn't be running pulse audio as root. IT is started automatically
with the user session. Just reboot, log in as normal user and run
pavucontrol. check your setup there. check your setup with alsamixer.

If you still have problems make sure you have proper index set for the audio

options snd-hda-intel id=PCH,HDMI index=1,0

or try any of the suggestions here

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