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Re: System freeze using web browsers

Ben Caradoc-Davies composed on 2018-05-10 17:13 (UTC+1200):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> It's a 7 year old budget notebook. Likely either 7 years of heat has taken a
>> toll on some heat sensitive component, or dust accumulation is _causing_
>> overheating that might be overcome by a cleaning. Maybe it has a fan that quit,
>> or a battery that can't keep up with need.

> This is a good point. Alexander, are there any signs of overheating at 
> the time of the freeze? Have you cleaned the fan? Does the freeze occur 
> on battery or when the power adapter is attached?

Any _other_ signs? Apparently "random" freezing after 30 minutes heavy use, such
as watching a video with a 1GHz CPU and 276MHz (normal clock) GPU[1], _is_ a
sign of overheating or other physical malfunction, not likely a problem that
changing driver or kernel could likely solve.

(5.5 years old, not 7)
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