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Re: System freeze using web browsers

Ben Caradoc-Davies composed on 2018-05-10 15:17 (UTC+1200):

> Alexander Beerhoff wrote:
>> I’ve found increasing heavier problems using web browser. In earlier stage
>> the “system” freeze (no ctrl-alt-function-key response) when watching long
>> video online (say at least 30 min, say on you tube.com), now (as
>> consequence of system update??) cannot use any browser: tried chromium
>> firefox(esr,stable,nightly) epiphany-browser qutebrowser and the result are
>> system freeze or shutdown (watching video).
>> I’ve described the problem in very generic terms, I’ve filled ticket on
>> mozilla for earlier problem but cannot profile browser since gui is very
>> unresponsive when not freezed. Can you help? Waiting for your welcome
>> advices.
>> Basic info:
>> Computer Acer Aspire V5 (121)
>> uname -v: #1 SMP Debian 4.16.5-1

> My immediate suspicion is your video drivers. In addition to the kernel, 
> the mesa package and third-party video drivers can participate in 
> delivering video to your screen. Any of these can cause a GPU hang and 
> freeze your system. GPU hardware acceleration is used to decode video.

> - What is your model of CPU?
> - What is your GPU?

You could have looked it up:

It's a 7 year old budget notebook. Likely either 7 years of heat has taken a
toll on some heat sensitive component, or dust accumulation is _causing_
overheating that might be overcome by a cleaning. Maybe it has a fan that quit,
or a battery that can't keep up with need.
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