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Re: Debian v.9.2.1 DVDs - how long are they good for?


Hans wrote:
> As far as I know (as my last creation was a long time 
> ago), you can mount the dvd in jigdo, and then you will only need to download 
> newer packages not existing on the dvd.

Yes. That's how it works. The result is a new ISO freshly produced by
jigdo-lite and its main worker jigdo-file.
The old ISO is supposed to still exist afterwards.

We only disagree about this statement of yours:

> > > when they are read/
> > > writable, then he can easyly update them by using the famous "jigdo-lite".

The old ISOs must be readable (i.e. mountable) and the directory where
jigdo-lite creates the new ISO must be writable.

We agree that a local set of DVD ISOs can heavily speed up the creation of
slightly youngers ISOs. (With very much younger ISOs you may have not
much success with looking for their packages in the old ISOs.)

Have a nice day :)


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