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Re: GPG key expiry questions?

On 03/14/2018 09:14 PM, Daniel Bareiro wrote:
> On 14/03/18 03:26, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
>> Just run `gpg --refresh-keys` from time to time.
> Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated my keyring:
> GNUPG seems to have found 9 new signatures ('firmas' in spanish)  from
> Richard.
> The output in English would be something like this:
> Total amount processed: 193
> without changes: 196
> new identifiers: 14
> new subkeys: 14
> new signatures: 3201
> These 'signatures' are new public keys?
> Still Thunderbird is showing the expired key. Should I restart it to
> take the changes?

The "identifiers" (UIDs) are the new identities (name-email pairs) added
to keys by the key owners.

Subkeys are just subkeys, added by the key owners. These are more like
the new public keys, not the signature count below.

Signatures are published signatures on the key in question, not just the
self-signatures but by other keys as well. In this case, most probably 9
other people signed the key, and the signatures were published to the
keyserver. Not selfsigs, those are less common.

Enigmail just runs gpg(2) under the hood, so if gpg reports the correct
results, a restart should be enough, unless it has a separate cache for
some reason.

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