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GPG key expiry questions?

Hi all,

Daniel Bareiro recently pointed out that he sees my GPG key as being

On 14/03/18 15:14, Daniel Bareiro wrote:
> This is the information I see in Thunderbird with Enigmail:
> Fingerprint: 9E11 77C0 8F96 98B8 82EF 70E4 B4A2 F08F EC70 168D
> Created: 05/09/2010
> Expiration: 10/05/2015

gpg --list-secret-keys shows an expiry of 2018-08-05.

And if I search for my key here:


... I can see that there is a self-sig with the expiry date Daniel
mentioned, but also one for the one I'm seeing.

Can someone help clarify what's going on?

P.S. the web of trust reveals quite a bit about me, doesn't it ...

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