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Re: GPG key expiry questions?

On 14/03/18 15:50, likcoras wrote:
> On 03/14/2018 11:39 AM, Richard Hector wrote:
>> And if I search for my key here:
>> https://pgp.surfnet.nl/pks/lookup?op=vindex&fingerprint=on&search=0xb4a2f08fec70168d
>> ... I can see that there is a self-sig with the expiry date Daniel
>> mentioned, but also one for the one I'm seeing.
> You can change the expiry date of your own key, but for other people to
> be able to see it and avoid having your key show up as expired, you must
> publish the new (key? signature? not sure...) and others must fetch it
> before the expiry date hits.
> I think what happened is that you edited the expiration date of your key
> and published it, but the other person didn't get the updated version
> before their copy of your key expired.

Ah, that sounds plausible. I think I actually edited it after it had
expired, so very likely, if that causes a problem. I have a newer one as
well (4096 instead of 2048 bit) - though apparently with no signatures
on it yet. Not sure if that will suffer the same problem? I can't
remember if that one also expired and was posthumously edited ... If it
hasn't actually been used much, will that mean nobody's got it 'cached'?

Maybe I should just start from scratch :-(

Secure distribution and collecting signatures always seems to be the


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