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Re: GPG key expiry questions?

On 03/14/2018 11:39 AM, Richard Hector wrote:
> And if I search for my key here:
> https://pgp.surfnet.nl/pks/lookup?op=vindex&fingerprint=on&search=0xb4a2f08fec70168d
> ... I can see that there is a self-sig with the expiry date Daniel
> mentioned, but also one for the one I'm seeing.

You can change the expiry date of your own key, but for other people to
be able to see it and avoid having your key show up as expired, you must
publish the new (key? signature? not sure...) and others must fetch it
before the expiry date hits.

I think what happened is that you edited the expiration date of your key
and published it, but the other person didn't get the updated version
before their copy of your key expired.

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