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Re: WTF does Firefox 58?

On Monday, March 05, 2018 02:54:59 AM Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello Ð?иÑ?алий Ð?оÑ?онов,
>          (whatever this mean)

I think that is the gentleman's name, but not rendered properly--for example, 
maybe his name (when he sent the post) contained UTF-8 characters (or some 
other encoding, appropriate to his locale), and your computer (or, at least, 
your email client), is not able (or set) to properly handle / render those.
> Am 2018-03-04 hackte Ð?иÑ?алий Ð?оÑ?онов in die Tasten:
> > One of the dumbest features modern browsers have integrated for some
> > reason.

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