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Re: WTF does Firefox 58?

Hello Ð?иÑ?алий Ð?оÑ?онов,

         (whatever this mean)

Am 2018-03-04 hackte Ð?иÑ?алий Ð?оÑ?онов in die Tasten:
> One of the dumbest features modern browsers have integrated for some
> reason.


> Setting network.prefetch-next to false seems to be the first result on
> looking up, but I presume that failed.

It was set to false, but it still prefetch...

> There may be something working along the lines of
> media.autoplay.enabled

Hmmm, this was set to "true"...

> or other "media." options. If those don't work nor anything in
> https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-stop-firefox-making-automatic-connections,
> you might need to disable video support. All of it. Yeah, it sucks.

I have ALL disabled from the link. Left over this WebRTC stuff,
which trigger all the day my firewall and SELinux warnings.

I can not get rid of the WebRTC stuff in FF58.

> Good luck.

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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